Important Questions to Ask When Buying a Cosmetic Laser

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If you have been thinking about expanding your practice by offering cosmetic laser treatments, you’ve most likely started to think about purchasing a laser device. There are several factors to consider when deciding on which laser to purchase that will benefit your clients and ultimately your practice.

Emvera is a cutting-edge laser manufacturing company and will happily answer any and all questions you may have regarding lasers and the purchase of them. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions.

What is your demographic? Who are your clients?

Different skin types require different wavelengths and energy sources. Every laser does not treat every skin type. On the Fitzpatrick scale, the lightest skin type is Type I and the darkest is Type VI. Emvera has several laser devices that treat all skin types, so multiple purchases of different lasers are not necessary.

What treatments would you like to offer and what treatments do your clients request?

The top non-surgical treatment request is for hair removal. Over a million hair removal treatments are performed each year. If this is a procedure you would like to offer, make sure to purchase a laser that does high-speed hair removal on all skin types. Some, like the Emvera Diolux, treat all skin types, at high speeds in large or small sections.

Another very popular category of laser treatments is anti-aging treatments. Intense Pulse Lasers (IPL), used for anti-aging treatments, are not lasers, but many have lasers within the same unit to expand the treatments you can offer.

If you would like a device that covers multiple applications such as scar treatments, skin problems, stretch marks or facial resurfacing, you need a combo CO2 laser and Fractional Microneedling device. This type of device will have a faster ROI since the device is so versatile and a real workhorse in cosmetic laser treatments.

What type of service should I look for with a cosmetic laser company?

Look for a company that offers you transferable warranties, trade-in programs, reasonably priced add-on devices, using minimal consumables and no excessive recertification fees. Your company should provide excellent customer service and thorough training and financing that works for you. You should be able to grow your practice while ensuring your patient satisfaction and retention.

If you would like to ask any Emvera any questions regarding your purchase of a cosmetic laser or need help to figure out which device is perfect for your practice, contact them at 888-886-8402 or