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Emvera Technologies is a laser company based in North Metro Atlanta, Georgia specializing in physician-tailored consulting and aesthetics. Emvera exemplifies the "physician first" by providing high quality equipment for the right price without re-certification fees or consumables all while offering transferable warranties and trade in programs.

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Secret RF Technology

Secret RF

Advanced Anti-aging RF Technology

The Secret is based on the synergy effect of a precisely controlled Bi-polar RF plus minimally invasive micro-needles for improvement of skin laxity, wrinkle reduction, and scar minimization by dermal coagulation.Such an ideal combination provides optimal collagen remodeling for deeper and superficial skin layers. This treatment can be applied to all skin types with low risks of skin burns and PIH with little to no downtime.
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Fraxis Duo

Fraxis Duo

Emvera Fraxis Duo laser technology offers today the most innovative approach to laser skin resurfacing and other medical and dental treatments. The comfortable, customizable procedure requires little or no anesthesia. And with virtually no pain from evaporation of the skin layers, patients experience minimal social or work downtime.
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DIOLUX Hair Removal Diode

Emvera Diolux is a high powered 810nm diode laser for permanent hair reduction. The Diolux provides various pulse mode to treat all skin types, and its enhanced power provides virtually pain-free and reliable results.

Emvera Technologies, LLC (“Emvera”) sells medical and aesthetic devices, primarily lasers and energy devices to medical professionals and aesthetic practitioners for use in a variety of treatments such as, skin resurfacing, skin renewal and hair removal.

Our business model centers on you the customer, offering programs that do not commonly exist with other aesthetic industry OEMs, such as transferable warranties, trade-in programs, reasonably priced peripherals and spare parts without excessive recertification fees, minimal consumables, lifetime customer service and training, and financing. In addition, our lasers are competitively priced. Our model is designed to enable you to grow your practice and helps ensure your patient satisfaction and retention.

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