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Emvera Technologies, LLC (“Emvera”) designs, re-labels, distributes and sells aesthetic and medical equipment, primarily lasers and energy devices to medical professionals and aesthetic practitioners for use in a variety of treatments such as skin tightening, skin resurfacing and rejuvenation, and hair removal.
Our business model centers on the customer, offering programs that do not commonly exist with other aesthetic industry OEMs,

such as transferable warranties, trade-in programs, guaranteed ownership costs, reasonably priced peripherals and spare parts, minimal consumables, lifetime customer service and training, and pre-approved financing. In addition, our lasers are competitively priced. Our model is designed to promote sales and rapid growth, as well as customer satisfaction and retention.
Call our office for more information: 770-749-1530

What our clients are saying:

"The laser hair removal industry has had tremendous growth over the past decade. In fact, no matter where you go, you see or hear about laser hair removal. I purchased Emvera’s Diolux Hair Removal Laser from The Doctor’s Toy Store in May 2013. In short, I could not be happier. This system replaces my old Alexandrite and Intense Pulsed Light Systems..." 

"Fast, nearly pain-free,
effective treatments is a
recipe for success."

"There are several important factors to consider when purchasing a laser system, including: cost, reliability, maintenance costs, efficacy, flexibility, and patient satisfaction. The Diolux excels at all. It is very competitively priced, made of parts that are readily accessible, and uses diode technology, which is proven to be extremely reliable. It offers extreme flexibility—can be used in short-pulsed, long-pulsed, blended mode (combination of short- and long-pulsed), and burst mode (stacked short pulses);pulses can be stacked; and the speed in which the pulses are delivered can be controlled. This flexibility give the provider near complete control to get the best possible result with the least possible risk to the patient. It has been long proven that the diode lasers are extremely effective at hair removal and the Diolux is no exception, and may in fact be the new gold standard for diode hair removal lasers.

"Most of our patients are lighter-skinned (skin types I-III) and can be treated using the burst mode. Perhaps what is most impressive is the speed in which most patients can be treated, in addition to being virtually pain-free. I can treat full thighs, legs, and armpits in under 10 minutes. In fact, we do not even use nor recommend using topical anesthesia to our patients. The Diolux does have an optional air-cool system that may even further reduce any discomfort, which has not been necessary in my patient population. My patients could not be happier!"

- Robert S. Bader, M.D.

"As a busy plastic surgeon, I was lucky enough to stumble onto Eric Fuller and his staff at Emvera lasers. I was very busy growing my surgical practice at the time we met, but wanted and needed to add laser services to my practice. Eric was very knowledgeable and has done a good job investigating and now providing quality lasers with reasonable prices and great service. His business has grown parallel with mine and now I am utilizing three of Emvera's lasers that we use with great frequency..." 

"Eric was very knowledgeable and has done a good job investigating and now providing quality lasers with reasonable prices and great service."

"The ClaroO2 laser I have had for the longest period of time and have found it extremely easy to use and efficacious. The adjustable menu allows me to tailor this CO2 laser for numerous treatments ranging from scar revision to aesthetic skin resurfacing. I have been impressed with its success, speed, durability, and precision. It can be used as a fractionated CO2 of widely variable densities or a non-fractionated C02 of significant power.

"The Aesthelite has really renewed my faith in IPL and phototherapy. I upgraded to this device from a very popular device from a large well known company but have found this device to be safer, better, faster, and easier to use than that device. We are now expanding the indications for which I recommend IPL after treating many patients successfully.

"The Diolux has dramatically impacted my hair removal services. The system that I replaced was an effective system but this new device is 50 times faster and also less painful and more effective. My long term patients have used many devices and like the Diolux far more than my other devices in years past."

- Dr. Chris Park