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Emvera Technologies, LLC (“Emvera”) sells aesthetic and medical equipment, primarily lasers and energy devices to medical professionals and aesthetic practitioners for use in a variety of treatments such as, skin resurfacing and rejuvenation, and hair removal.
Our business model centers on you the customer, offering programs that do not commonly exist with other aesthetic industry OEMs, such as transferable warranties, trade-in programs, reasonably priced peripherals and spare parts without excessive recertification fees, minimal consumables, lifetime customer service and training, and financing.  In addition, our lasers are competitively priced. Our model is designed to enable you to grow your practice and helps ensure your patient satisfaction and retention.
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I find having a handheld device easier and more controllable for me. I think having the strap for the wrist makes me feel more secure with handling the piece. I also like the sapphire cooling head. It makes the patient’s treatments quite comfortable. I like that you do not have to change the heads when changing the settings. I think this means less wear on the handpiece. You don’t have to worry over misplaced pieces for the equipment or damaging parts. The size of the laser is quite convenient.   Patients that have experienced other lasers feel this laser is less painful. New patients seem to anticipate a high level of pain with having a laser treatment and are quite pleased to find it isn’t nearly as painful as they expect.   I have received positive responses from patients. They are pleased not only with the experience of the laser treatment, but with the results as well. Patients seem to refer us to their friends/relatives because of their response to treatments – not only with pain level but results as well.
Chinyere Orafu, M.D.Ohio Laser and Wellness Centers, LtdCanton, Ohio